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The jissen Do academy is always looking for new members with a solid curriculum in Karate.
Karate has become a business, there are organizations that ask 500 or 600 dollars for recognizing a Dan. Other organizations are forcing the members to host the masters at their own expenses and to pay for expensive seminars. The philosophy of Jissen Do Academy is completely different. Through a selection process are only accepted instructors and masters in Karate (only in Shorin Ryu, Kyokushin, Ashihara) with a solid curriculum and real Dan certificates. 

If you want to become a member of our international organization, if  you wish to become representative of our organization in your country, send an email to the following address marco.galli@gmail.com.

In the email please enter your personal details, your resume in Karate and attach a photo (clear and legible) of your degree certificates. Note that we know the Japanese so we can understand whether certificates are authentic or fake.

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